A manuscript assessment will give you a thorough and constructive report on your work, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses. I give objective advice on what work you need to do next to bring your manuscript up to publishable standard.

The report usually has a page or two of general comments on the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses, then six or seven pages of detailed comments on specific pages, paragraphs or sentences. For fiction, these will cover plot, characterisation, dialogue, structure, pace and more. For non-fiction, these will cover structure, clarity, consistency, quality of research and more.

If I think that after the next draft the manuscript will be publishable, I will suggest some possible publishers. If I don’t, I will say so. (Some mainstream publishers won’t look at a manuscript that hasn’t had an assessment. I would say that, wouldn’t I, but it’s true.)

Self-publishing is always an option. If — and only if — your project looks viable, I can suggest other professionals I trust who can help with design, production and marketing.